Discourse at the the Intersection of Science & Social Policy

I write about psychology, psychiatry, and more broadly mental health and how research in these fields informs social policy. The challenge inherent in using research in these fields to inform public policy is what can be described as a ‘levels problem’, hence “The Multilevel Mailer.” ‘Multilevel’ is also a play on what are referred to as multilevel or hierarchical linear statistical models (HLM) in social science research where data is structured at more than one level. For example, individual students, nested in classrooms within a school, within schools nested within a district and so on.

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The Intersection of Social Science, Psychopathology, & Social Policy


Developmental & Evolutionary Psychopathology. Early Experience & Life History. Measurement Science. Heterodox. https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=nxE3s1MAAAAJ&hl=en
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