I appreciate the attempt to bridge DEI and Liberalism, but I do not think it is possible.

Critical theory evolved in liberal academia and its terminology is specifically designed to trap anyone who is left of center into rhetorical traps that force liberals to choose to become loyal supporters of Critical theory or be deemed Rightist. DEI are just three examples.

Liberals have defined their moral identity in opposition to the Right for so long that they have no defenses against the attacks from Critical theory. Most college-educated liberals would rather die or lie to everyone about their own beliefs rather be deemed as a Rightist in public.

As long as there are entire departments devoted to this mission, there is no way to bridge the gap. DEI departments and job positions must be purged from all American institutions. There’s no other way. Their entire mission is about discrimination and censorship. If they are paid to do it, they will not stop.

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Really enjoyed reading this. I think Pinker gets really close.

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