I'm glad you wrote this up.

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I was inducted just by part of your "Cold-Blooded Kindness" podcast , minutes before I was transported to hospital. In the intervening days, that short exposure changed my outlook on events.

In the course many involvements with health related fields, agencies and individuals. Nurses, secretaries, doctors, neurologists and other professionals, I have never seen such efficiency of information exchange among them. It is astonishing, the information spreading beyond what would strictly be medical.

Doctor-patient confidentiality has been supplanted by a far more efficient "system-patient" confidentiality. There was nothing menacing about it on the [literally] sedated surface: They were genuinely trying to help me and others. The irony struck me: These are precisely the capabilities necessary for totalitarianism.

At this point, I began ruminating on the connection between the phrase "cold-blooded kindness" and your references to "Trait Systemization" and "Trait Empathization". Technology systems like this take decades to develop, but affective disposition can change very quickly. A dangerous disequilibrium in foresight between the empathetic traits among individuals and the capacities of government systems.

This is a system which has also recently tasted vast spikes in arbitrary political power. I have no doubt whatsoever that as we speak, very dangerous people have made healthcare career choice - which will come back to haunt us as we get an ever more efficient healthcare system.


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